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    The company has a clear zoning of quality test lab, physical and chemical analysis room, instrument analysis room, dry room and sample room.In June 2012, the quality inspection center designed by same standard of purification lab has been put into use.Following the 5S requirements and EHS policy, the company crew's consciousness has been raised.The quality inspection center is equipped with conventional testing instruments (such as GC with headspace sampler,HPLC,moisture meter,viscometer, pH meter, conductivity meter, etc.), but also equipped with sophisticated instruments such as Ultraviolet spectrophotometer(UV) and infrared spectrometer (IR). In order to meet customers requirement on appearance and metal ion of some products,the company purchased colorimetric instrument(Lovibond,Germany) and ICP E9000(SHIMAZU,Japan) and etc.
     QA department will continue to standardize and improve the management of sample taking and retainment,systematic QC documents (quality standard,inspection procedures, inspection records, inspection reports and test account) and equipment operation,maintenance and check.
Quality Assurance
Quality stability is the life of the enterprise. Tronly's quality management has gone through below 4 stages:
    1)In 2003,the company obtained the authentication of ISO9001∶2000,and established the quality policy as‘Customer First,Quality focus,Good faith to the letter, Continuously meet the needs of the customers and improve quality management system'.
2)In 2010,the company obtained the authentication of ISO9001∶2008,and the QC section was separated from R&D department with its functions further improved under strict quality management system.
3)In 2011,the company obtained the authentication of ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.Meantime,QA section was separated from QC department.By introduction of professional QA personnel and advanced quality management concept,QA functions to improve the system in combination with the practical situation of the company.
4)In 2013,the company re-obtained the authentication of ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001,and meantime,the company applied its improved quality management concept and system into the new plant.
Quality Assurance
    QA department implement the standardization management in aspects of process,system and product. To ensure the system documents,key production and inspection record are under control,the company specially set dedicated staffs to be responsible for maintainence of the management system.To ensure compliance with ISO9001 requirements and continuous improvement,the company regularly carry out quality trainings and strengthen the process control of key change,deviation,non-conformation and supplier management.
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