R & D
  At the very start, Tronly targeted at the advanced photoinitiaor and sensitizer which are used in the photoresist, one of the advanced electronic materials. After more than 10 years' effort, we have our own core technology, and we have successfully developed a lot of high performanced photoinitiators and sensitizers. Now we have become a domestic and international well-known enterprise in advanced photoinitiator and sensitizer fields.
        Tronly wil continue to research and develop more competitive products with higher performance in the advanced photoinitiator and its related fields to keep the world leading position. At the same time, company will make efforts on other related areas like: different kinds of photosensitive materials, optical materials, functional membrane materials and special films. We are planning to develop more kinds of monomers, polymers and additives to provide more choices for our clients.
R&D stratage
R&D system
    Company's R&D is composed by two parts: independent and cooperative R&D. Company has specialized R&D department responsible for the company's new product development, pilot magnification, product manufacturing process improvement and customer technical services.Company has expertise who are familiar with organic synthesis,Polymer synthesis technology, molecular structure design, light curing reaction principle and the technical development trend of the electronical materials.The R&D capacious and bright lab has a variety of experimental and testing devices. High leveled professional technicians and the complete laboratory hardware facilities guarantee the independent R&D can undertake the task and complete the company's main research and development work.
    In the cooperative R&D part, company actively carry out cooperation with domestic universities. Company established the Tronly-BCUST-CCZU united R&D centre with Beijing Chemical University of Science and technology and Changzhou University.Company also cooperated with other domestic institutions to develop technology and products and cultivate talents.
Engineering technology center
    Engineering technology research center in Changzhou Tronly New Electronic Materials Co., ltd. for the project based on unit, with Beijing university of chemical industry in Changzhou institute of advanced Materials for the cooperation unit, in 2012, was approved by jiangsu province construction. The engineering center is located in changzhou wujin district Wu Cheng industrial park, covers an area of 105 mu, building area of more than 4000 square meters, mainly to undertake all kinds of high-end electronic chemical materials photoresist in the light of the initiator, sensitizer and the photosensitive resin of scientific research, development, engineering and production and operation, especially the development with independent intellectual property rights of photoresist initiator.
    Engineering center gradually establish the measures for the management of open issues, production-study-research cooperation mechanism, in combination with the practical situation of company and cooperation unit and engineering center of research direction and structure, strengthen the cooperation with relevant scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, together with the enterprise, cooperative development road, encourage technological innovation, promote technological progress.
    The engineering center has established an open service system for all enterprises and related supporting enterprises in the whole society and the whole industry. To form a complete set of core enterprise implements the free service, and provide technical advisory services, improve the understanding of photoresist technology enterprises, to improve product quality and the grade has played a positive role in promoting.
    Embodied in:
    1、testing services: using the existing engineering center of testing equipment, for the related enterprises, the same type of products provide a good inspection and testing services, internal judgement for the quality of its products.
    2、Technical service: on the basis of introduction of technology and independent innovation, the major technical problems in the field of photoresist are continuously solved, and the mature technology, technology and products are provided.
    3、Talent cultivation: by using engineering center of the platform, and cultivate a large number of light solidification, light initiator synthesis and other kinds of talent, has carried out many special technical training, and relying on the Changzhou Tronly New Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., building engineering center of network cooperation, actively carry out technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, promoting talent cultivation.
Cooperation and communication
    1、Domestic cooperation and exchange:
    Since its inception engineering technology research center, is always paying attention to domestic colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises cooperation and exchanges, center and the Beijing university of chemical industry has established the good long-term relations of cooperation, cooperation has developed new type of flat-panel display use light initiator Gao Gan degree structure characterization method of performance evaluation of the development and application, fast light curing resin toughness of carbon fiber composite materials such as auto parts industrial technology development projects.
    2、Foreign cooperation and exchange:
    The engineering center is fully beneficial to the original technical resources of the company, and strengthen the technical exchanges and cooperation with international photoresist enterprises. At the same time, we should fully explore the internal potential of the enterprise, expand the road of international cooperation, speed up the process of technological development and industrialization, and maintain the leading technology. Research and development and engineering center, vigorously promote project cooperation project introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation as well as exchange of needed goods, complement each other, with international advanced security products technology, improve enterprise's ability of transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
Engineering research direction
     1、Research direction of light curing resin: resin luster is shallow, liquid resin is colorless transparent, solid resin is pure white; Small change in epoxy equivalent; Concentration of molecular weight; The volatile matter content of impurities in the direction of special resin and composite resin development.
    2、Light initiator research direction: high sensitivity, non-yellowing, low odor, low migration, low volatile environment friendly products.
    3、We will further increase the investment and construction of the engineering center, and actively create a national research center for electronic new materials engineering.
    4、We will strengthen cooperation and exchanges between industry and universities, jointly develop new types of photoresist initiators and industrialize production. Strengthen the upgrading of the original products and upgrade the product level.
    5、To support and cultivate a batch of excellent photoresist initiator manufacturers, to help them to do big and strong, better to serve the whole industry.
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