Light is a specific frequency (wavelength)electromagnetic radiation,with energy. Use of the energy of light,induct the liquid chemicals which with chemical activity (light initiator, resin, monomer),through rapid polymerization crosslinking,the instant realization process of solid state materials called light curing technology. Compared with thermal curing method, light curing with quick curing speed, without heating, use fewer solvents, high efficiency and energy saving, the advantages of curing process can be automated, curing light is known as the green technology of the 21st century. Light curing material has been widely used in every aspect of our daily life, such as paint, printing ink, printing, optical lenses, microelectronics devices, CD, optical fiber, and other fields, and formed the application of the $12 billion global market
    Lithography is also use of the light energy, by controlling the illumination area make chemical liquid with chemical activity fast photochemical reacted, and through the graphic technology to achieve selective corrosion. In order to realize the selective corrosion, you need to use the solubility, melting or affinity with obvious changes in materials after exposure. This kind of material called photoresist. Photoresist with chemical sensitivity,use the photochemical reaction, the exposure and development process can transfer the fine graphics from mask template to the substrate, then etching process,etc. Photoresist is the most important material for micro manufacturing field, since invented in 1959,has become the core of the process in the semiconductor industry.Photoresist has been widely used in fine graphics's process which be needed in optoelectronic information industry production,Now photoresist is the key material of microfabrication technology.
The composition of photoresist
    Although the photo-curing material and photoresist are made by photoinitiator(or photosensitizer), resin,monomer (or reactive diluent)and other additives,but the photoresist needs to use special chemicals raw materials.photoresist is imaging material which has different applications compare with photo-curing material,reaction mechanism,exposure light source and optical energy also different.for the different requirements from solubility, etching, photosensitive resistance, heat resistance and so on,photoinitiator,resins and monomers which used in various kinds of photoresist need different chemical structure and performance.Because the photoresist is used to produce very fine graph,so very high requirements to raw materials's purity,impurity and metal ions.there are varius kinds of photoresist,according to different reaction mechanism and developing mechanism,fall into two broad categories:Positive PR and Negative PR.according to the structure of photoresist,can be divided into three broad: photopolymerization type, photolysis type and photo-crosslinking type.The photoresist after decades of continuous development and progress,application domain expands unceasingly,according to different application,reaction mechanism,exposure light source,manufacturing process,graph's precision and performance of film,many kinds of photoresists have been invented.
Introduction of specialty chemicals for photoresistis
    Photoinitiator is a kind of material which can absorb light energy (radiation),then turn into the intermediate with activity,and induced polymerization is the key component of photoresist.also plays a decisive role in sensitivity and resolution.according to different type of intermediate,can be diveded into two broad:radical type and cationic type.radical type are widely used in photoresist which should have a good absorptivity to light source and good consistency in resin or good matchings with pigment.
    Photosensitizer is a kind of additives,which can absorb the light energy then transfer to the photoinitiator or do not absord the light energy but can help the photoinitiator to improve the initiation efficiency.Due to the change of exposure light source.phtotsensitizer is widely used in many kinds of formulations.
    PhotoacidGenerator is similar to the cationic photoinitiator,but the cationic part does not contain metal, phosphorus and other elements,it can generate strong acid material after exposure,be used in the cutting-edge chemical growth of photoresist.
    Resin is the largest proportion of photoresist composition,form the basic frame of photoresist,mainly determines the basic performance after exposure,including hardness, flexibility, adhesion,solubility changes before and after exposure to a specific solvent,optical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and so on.
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