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 Tronl is an application-oriented, independent innovation based company specialized in R&D and manufacture of the photoresist dedicated chemical materials. Photoinitiators (Including Photosensitizer, Photo Acid Generator, etc.) and Photoresist resins are main parts of our product line which mainly applied to the advanced electronic materials, such as Dry Film for PCB, Color Resist or BM for LCD, special materials for semiconductor and so on.
Products according to the application domain classification, main printed circuit board (PCB) photoresist specialty chemicals (light initiator and resin), liquid crystal display (LCD) photoresist initiator, semiconductor light photoresist initiator and other USES light initiator four categories.
Product Center
Special chemicals for photoresist are divided into two series: photoresist (including photosensitizing agent, photoinduced acid, etc.) and photoresist resin.
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R & D
        Company's R&D is composed by two parts: independent and cooperative R&D. Company has specialized R&D department responsible for the company's new product development, pilot magnification, product manufacturing process improvement and customer technical services.Company has expertise who are familiar with organic synthesis,Polymer synthesis technology, molecular structure design, light curing reaction principle and the technical development trend of the electronical materials.The R&D capacious and bright lab has a variety of experimental and testing devices. High leveled professional technicians and the complete laboratory hardware facilities guarantee the independent R&D can undertake the task and complete the company's main research and development work.
        In the cooperative R&D part, company actively carry out cooperation with domestic universities. Company established the Tronly-BCUST-CCZU united R&D centre with Beijing Chemical University of Science and technology and Changzhou University.Company also cooperated with other domestic institutions to develop technology and products and cultivate talents.
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